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I’m a jewelry designer and metalsmith with the philosophy of creating wearable works of art with modern simplicity. While I consciously disregard the traditional, originality and quality craftsmanship are important to me.  


Inspired by the irregular yet perfect shapes in nature, I create handmade, custom jewelry in my sun-drenched studio.  Designs are fabricated in metal before adding bits of color from carefully selected gemstones.  Each piece is finished with a patina that only grows more beautiful with wear and over time. 


Every piece is handcrafted using individually selected raw materials so no two are exactly alike. Most designs are one-of-a-kind or created in limited edition.  


I attended a technical jewelry design school in Florence, Italy then studied with an internationally published master jeweler in Pennabilli, Italy.  My education continues at every chance.  I love this life.  I love what I do.  I hope you find something that speaks to you and you just can’t live without.  

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