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I'm a jewelry designer and metalsmith with the philosophy 

of creating wearable works of art with modern simplicity.   I consciously disregard the traditional,

yet originality and quality craftsmanship

are important to me.

Inspired by the irregular yet perfect shapes in nature, I create handmade, custom jewelry in my 
sun-drenched studio.  Found objects from beach walks or trail runs often end up cast into sterling,

bits of asymmetric color are added from carefully selected gemstones and then patina, done by hand and which only grow more beautiful over time,

are the finishing touches.   


Each creation is handcrafted using individually selected raw materials.  Two are rarely exactly alike.  Most designs are 
one-of-a-kind or created in limited edition.  


I attended technical jewelry design school in Florence, Italy 

as well as studied with an internationally-known
master jeweler in Pennabilli, Italy,  
I continue my education at every chance. 

I love this life.  I love what I do.  

I hope you feel welcome and find something

you just can't live without.  


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